Get Involved

There are many ways you can be part of the caring community of like-minded people supporting the activities of the Foundation.

  • Make a donation to one of the Foundation’s Sub Funds, each of which has been set up to support a particular area of need
  • Set up a regular weekly, monthly or quarterly donation. Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible. I would like to donate now!
  • Establish and name your own Sub Fund to support an area of need that interests you.
  • Make a bequest in your Will to the Foundation
  • Become an ambassador and tell your friends and business associates about the Foundation
  • Get personally involved with others from the community to assist the Foundation in a range of activities, such as marketing, public relations and event management
  • Provide the services of your business pro-bono to the Foundation
  • Enter into a cause related marketing program with the Foundation that delivers benefits to your business and the Foundation 
  • Support a particular community project with flow-through funding

Please contact us if you would like to discuss the various ways to become involved with the Foundation.
Alternatively read on for more information:


The NRCF currently has four levels of volunteers:

  1. Director
  2. Associate Director
  3. Ambassador, and
  4. Friend/s of the NRCF

 1.       Director of the NRCF

An NRCF Director is an individual who is passionate about giving back to their community as well as stepping up for their own personal and/or professional development. They might be somebody who would relish extensive community involvement.

The role of the Director includes, regular attendance at board meetings and important related meetings, such as roundtable discussions and Committee meetings. The Director makes serious a commitment to participate actively in the work of the Board and any Committees, by volunteering for and willingly accepting assignments and completes them thoroughly and on time. The Director from time to time may mentor Associate Director/s in their Committee.

The Director stays informed about Committee matters, prepares themselves well for meetings by reading all papers prior to meetings and ensures that any items that are unclear or need clarification are discussed with the Chair or Mentor prior to board meetings. The Director reviews and comments on minutes and reports, gets to know other Committee members and works to build a collegial working relationship that contributes to consensus within the Board.

An NRCF Board Director is an active participant in the committee's evaluation and planning processes.

2.       Associate Directors of the NRCF

Associate Directors are individuals who are passionate about giving back to their community as well as stepping up for their own personal development and furthering their business careers. They might be somebody who would relish extensive community involvement.

An Associate Director is a fantastic opportunity to learn about how a successful Not-for-Profit Board works, and to become part of the leading philanthropic community organisation for the Northern Rivers.  Each Associate Director will be mentored by a Director of the Board for his/her first 12 months. Each are invited to join one of our Committees and take on a range of duties within the chosen Committee(s), as well as attend our full Board meetings.

Associate Directors may be new appointments to the NRCF or, may be Directors who are stepping down from a director position. The appointments of Associate Directors will be approved by the Board and based on the needs of Northern Rivers Community Foundation Ltd, its strategic objectives and the current skills mix on the Board.

An Associate Director term will be twelve months but will be renewable if suitable to both the Board of Northern Rivers Community Foundation Ltd. and the Associate Director. Other term lengths may be negotiated regarding specific needs or circumstances.

If you would like to engage or can refer this opportunity on to a colleague please contact one of the two following Board Directors without delay:

John Callanan, Chair, NRCF
M: 0418 321 424

Phil Daly, Director, M: 0412 667 864 E:

3.       Ambassador of the NRCF

Ambassadors are people who are enthusiastic about the work of the NRCF and are well connected in the community. The role of ambassadors is to assist the Board raise community awareness of the NRCF and provide leads of potential volunteer/s and/or donors. They can do this by:

•     talking about the NRCF to their personal and business contacts

•     provide literature or online contact, such as the latest Newsletter, to those who show an interest

•     advise the Community Engagement, Communications and Marketing committee, or other Board member/s of people who show an interest to learn more about the NRCF.

Members of the Community Engagement committee or other Board members, would then meet with these individuals or businesses, or invite them to an information night or similar event.

Ambassadors are not expected to be experts about the workings of the Foundation. Some Ambassadors may after a period in this role desire to be an Associate Director.

4.       Friend of the NRCF

This level of volunteer is a person who likes what they see and hear with the NRCF, is motivated and energised by the values and outcomes achieved by the NRCF and wants to get involved, by receiving our regular e-newsletter/s, attending our social functions, such as Information night/s and Grant Giving presentations and/or, giving financially either, by regular salary deductions or making periodic donations to the NRCF. The ‘friend’ of the NRCF may also assist in a volunteer capacity by getting involved and assisting with events.

For those new to the world of philanthropy and giving back to the people of the northern rivers of NSW this is a good starting point.

Further information contact: Administrative Officer,   


A great way to learn more about the Foundation is to come along to one of our Information Evenings. These casual events are held regularly at the home of one of our directors or ambassadors and you can meet many of the people involved as well as hear about the work we do from some of our grant recipients.

Information evenings are also an excellent way to meet like minded people from our region. Drinks and finger food are provided. Please contact us if you would like an invitation to the next Information Evening.