Byron Youth Theatre tackles the important youth issues

Hero image for Byron Youth Theatre tackles the important subjects

NRCF has been incredibly inspired by the young people of Byron Youth Theatre.  On several occasions NRCF’s supporters have been able to meet and chat with local teens who give up their spare time to be part of this volunteer theatre group, which spreads powerful health and safety messages to other teens through performances at local schools.

Funding provided by NRCF is helping its young and sometimes disadvantaged members to feel connected, accepted and valued, while having creative fun.  The company focuses on creating performance pieces that expose issues like underage drinking at parties, binge drinking and mental health.  

The performances have been seen by over 1,000 local students, teachers, parents and community members – receiving rave reviews and pleas for more theatre shows in schools.  With NRCF’s support, the company now has 18 young members aged between 15 and 21.  The 11 new members are currently engaged in a project exploring mutual respect between young and senior members of the community, which is supervised by professional senior actors.

NRCF’s most recent grant is helping Byron Youth Theatre to explore and create a new production called Mind Made Me which deals with the vital issue of mental health and self-harming – a topic nominated by younger cast members.

Having been told by several of the cast members how being part of Byron Youth Theatre makes them feel like they can tackle any future challenges life throws at them, NRCF is grateful that local support makes this sort of opportunity possible.

Picture: Young talent Hayley from BYT