Natural Death Centre is very alive

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The Natural Death Centre is grateful to the NRCF for its support over the years. 2013 is turning out to be a big year for the NDC. First up is our name change to the Natural Death Care Centre and the complete overhaul of our website  This will be up and running shortly and officially launched during this year’s Day of the Dead festivities in Mullumbimby this November.

The global movement to encourage a more humane, natural and sustainable way to do death, dying and body disposal is equally on an upward trajectory. The NDCC is benefiting from advice and assistance from the original NDC in the UK as well as the Green Burial Council in the USA. Many people all over the world are feeling empowered to take back the practices and rituals of death and be more involved while burying a loved one. The NDCC aims to be a valuable resource and information provider for the many people looking for assistance during this challenging, but potentially rewarding, time.

It is fitting that the genesis of this movement in Australia was fermented in the fertile region of Byron Bay. Zenith Virago and the other members of the board have been diligently gathering the tools and resources, partnering with other like-minded individuals and organisations, and are looking forward to making a positive impact. NDC would like to thank the NRCF for the role it has played in our ongoing survival and growth. 

Picture: Day of the Dead Event